95926963131_10154393282498132Despite rumours of lack of respect in the workplace and clandestine employment deals being made, when Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa walked back into the show hand-in-hand as co-hosts on Live with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday, there was no signs of the dark undertone that could have come with being blindsided a week earlier. Strahan’s announcement that he was leaving the show in order to co-anchor ABC’s Good Morning America had come as an unwelcome surprise and speculations flew when Ripa did not return to the set for a few days after the announcement. The network had used pre-taped session and the live show was filled in by Ana Gasteyer, Erin Andrews and Shay Mitchell.


It was a positive lovefest though when Ripa told Strahan in front of her studio audience how proud she was of his accomplishments and what they’d accomplished together. She added that she had taken a couple of days to relax and celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband and she deserved that after working for 26 years with Disney ABC Television Group. Strahan responded in kind stating that he was glad to be back and to have her back and that to him, she was the queen of daytime television.

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