who-should-replace-michael-strahan-on-kelly-and-michael-lead-600x300ABC recently announced that the show Live with Kelly and Michael may need to find a new title and a new co-host after Michael Strahan has stated his full-time transfer to another show on the network Good Morning America as early as this fall. The internet, which was initially taken aback by the surprise announcement, is abuzz with rumours and speculations for a new co-host as Kelly Ripa, the other half of the duo will be returning soon after a short break. The reason for Ripa’s absence was duly by morning TV viewers who were treated to reruns and stand-ins during the few days she was away, allegedly from the shock of Strahan leaving the show.

The names famous people are being flung back forth across social networks with arguments breaking out every so often on who should co-chair the show and even what format the selection process should be in as the network has announced that the selection for Strahan’s replacement will be aired live some time in September. Some suggest that the tryouts should be in the Bachelorette style, while others are firmly against any sort on on-air debate format, as it seemed to resemble the mess that was this year’s presidential debate too closely.

3170655651_1_11_Um1Nor2uThe names of potential candidates range from actors from the silver screen, TV and sports persona to presidential candidates and people pretending to be presidential candidates. Names like Ryan Seacrest, Joel McHale and David Lettermen, the latter who only recently retired from hosting his own show, have all become top contenders with their freer schedules. Neil Patrick Harrison is another crowd favorite, followed by the already experienced Anderson Cooper and Ripa’s own husband Mark Consuelos. Some people are holding out for Mark Rubio, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, or even a Donald Trump imposter to steal the seat.

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