The Mosquito Slayer Pro and Mosquito Slayer Series 4 create a flexible solution which is adaptable to almost any application. The secret of the Mosquito Slayer Systems flexibility lies in its ability to operate in a Master / Slave Environment. This creates a cost effective and logical way to extend the Mosquito Slayers range and enhance its ability to break the mosquitoes life-cycle. visit our websitemosquito control

Multiple Mosquito Slayer Satellites connect via a “daisy chain cable” from the Master unit. This removes the need for your satellite units to be located at close proximity to AC Power as the connecting cable also supplies AC power in a safe and weather proof manner. Independent studies have shown the substantial improvement in nightly mosquito catches utilising satellite Mosquito Slayer units. Satellite units can be in any configuration of the Mosquito Slayer Pro and Mosquito Slayer Series 4 (Gas and Non Gas) units.

Cables can be custom ordered to specification to ensure you have enough length to match your application. Call us today to discuss your individual requirements.

Example of Master / Satellite Set Up.

So exactly how does it work? How do I set it up?

Firstly you will need to find a location for your Mosquito Slayer. It is best to try and locate the main source of the problem. The Mosquito Slayer should be placed as close to the source of the problem and as far away from where you are entertaining as possible. This position should also be between the location you are entertaining and the source of the problem so as to attract the mosquitoes on their way to you.

The Mosquito Slayer Pro has a bracket on the back which can be easily attached with a few screws to any solid surface.

The Mosquito Slayer Series 4 has keyhole brackets which allow the unit to be mounted over 2 small screws.

It is sometimes best when starting out to mount the device on a star picket or box trolley until you find the most effective location for your backyard.

Next a dilute lure is made up by mixing 1 capful of either Bantol 181, 42 or 19 (or a combination of the lures) with 1 litre of water.

Lure is then poured into a tray at the front of the Mosquito Slayer (which is enclosed on the Mosquito Slayer Pro).

The units weather proofed power transformer is plugged in to 240v AC wall outlet. This connects to a safe 300ma 12V power cable which can be buried underground if necessary. The supplied cable length is 10m. Longer cable lengths can be purchased to suit any application.

The gas regulator hose is screwed on to a CO2 gas cylinder and the other end connected to a consumable CO2 gas modulator. The gas modulator is then inserted into the Mosquito Slayer and the gas then turned on.
Over the next few weeks:

The CO2 gas modulator produces plumes of CO2 and Octenol every 10-15 seconds.
The liquid lure (Bantol 181, 42 or 19) also breaks down producing a scent proven to be irresistible to Mosquitoes. If Bantol 42 is used, Octenol is also produced in this process.

Mosquitoes are lured to the device, fly up into the device where they are drowned.mosquito control

Ongoing maintenance :

Change CO2 gas bottle. How often depends on the size of the Gas bottle. As a rough guide; 6Kg bottle will last around 2-3 months.

Every 5* weeks (approx), Change CO2 gas modulators. *Based on 24/7 use – only applicable for gas models.

Every 2-5 Days, the layer of dead mosquitoes should be skimmed from the lure tray. Depending on evaporation, lure can be topped up at this stage.

How much does it cost to run?

Both the Mosquito Slayer Series 4 GAS and the Mosquito Slayer Pro use the same amount of lures and attractants. For less than half the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can protect your family from biting insects all year round. Total estimated running cost is around about $1.10 per day which includes CO2 gas refills, CO2 modulators and of course liquid lure. This cost has been calculated for 24/7 year round use. It should be noted that many people only need to use the Mosquito Slayer for a period of 6 months or less. Obviously this would cut the operating cost significantly.

Consumable Name 12 Month Cost 6 Month Cost
CO2 Refills $140 $70
Lure / CO2 Modulators $250 $125
Total Operating Cost $390 $195
Daily Operating Cost $1.09 $0.54

The Mosquito Slayer solution uses 10 scientifically proven mosquito attractants.

1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Mosquitoes can detect the CO2 from a human’s breath from up to 30 metres away. Female mosquitoes use CO2 to orient themselves towards a suitable host to feed on. Carbon dioxide is a primary attractant to most species of mosquitoes and it also enhances the effectiveness of other attractants such as Octenol and Lactic lure.

2. Lactic Lure: Released naturally through human perspiration and animal sweat. Its effectiveness is enhanced by Carbon Dioxide.

3. Heat: Mosquitoes are drawn to the body heat of humans. A heating element in the trap produces a controlled radiating warm surface that closely mimics typical body temperature.

4. Octenol: Unlike many other mosquito control products, the Mosquito Slayer creates its own Octenol. Octenol is attractive to many species of mosquitoes especially when combined with Carbon Dioxide. Octenol is a naturally occurring by-product that comes from animals that ingest large amounts of vegetable matter, such as cattle.

5. Moisture: The trap produces a moist, warm air stream that simulates human perspiration. Moisture is provided by evaporation induced by the fan-circulated warm air passing over the lactic-water solution in the collection tray.

6. Spectrum Light: Random frequencies of pulsed light are refracted through a prismatic disperser to provide a wide spectrum of attractive light wavelengths to cater to the selective nature of some mosquito species.

7. Ultraviolet Light (UV): UV light attracts certain species particularly night feeders.

8. Sound: Amplified high frequency sound mimics the sound of a blood-feeding female mosquito to attract other females to join in the blood feed.

9. Movement: Mosquitoes are attracted to the movement of potential hosts. The pulsing of the spectrum light gives the illusion of movement to a female mosquito.

10. Colour: Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colours. The black casing of the trap helps mosquito in-flight orientation toward a host.

Mosquito Slayer Pro Parts.