the_daily_show_119137The host of this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and comedian-in-chief Larry Wilmore promises he won’t hold back from roasting President Obama. Wilmore revealed in an interview with CBS that he does plan to aim a few jabs at the President even though he really does like him. The good-natured teasing stems from the fact that Wilson tackles racial unrest daily on his talk show, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and intends to pursue the same vein everywhere, including in the White House, it seems, describing the issue as ‘the Unblackening of the White House’.

Wilmore was quoted from a previous interview as saying that he believed that he and his staff at the show were usually the ones to zero in on racial issues because they felt they were the ones who could handle the conversation in the most eloquent way. He said he remembered feeling that they had been granted the right to talk about it more than others because they had noticed all the racial discrimination and problems that the country was going through. In fact, after releasing the first few episodes, they felt like they had covered all aspects of the issue but sooner or later, something new would pop up and they would cover it. Wilson said though people asked him repeatedly why he had to talk about racism, his response had always been that it was one of the biggest issues of today, so why not.

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