It is always difficult to say goodbye to someone, be it someone in real life or someone on the small screen. There is always a dramatic response from fans when one of the protagonists from a popular primetime series on television has to say goodbye. For many people, the person leaving may be the very reason why they watched the show and the program may never be the same without them. Screenwriters have to get creative when this happens, especially if they are in the middle of a season. Either the actor will be replaced, or using artistic license, the character is usually killed off, put in a coma or has moved away from the major story line and onto better things.

ABC recently revealed that Stana Katic, who plays Detective Kate Beckett and wife of the series’ protagonist in the mystery series Castle will no longer be part of the crew and will be leaving the show in May. Abbie Mills, a character from Fox’s Sleepy Hollow was forcefully killed off when her actor Nicole Beharie’s role diminished. Despite such setbacks, some shows manage to finish their series with both the show and the absentee actors sharing various opportunities for later success.

One of the biggest exits on recent prime time television was the death of Patrick Dempsey’s character Derek, a brain surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy who meets with a car accident near the end of season 11. Despite the hiccup, Dempsey’s racing continued, landing him second place in the Le Mans race and Grey’s Anatomy is jogging steadying along to the grand finale at the end of season 12.

CE4RAOqWIAAaa7LThere seems to be a rising trend in criminal and law and order shows for main characters to pop off during the later seasons. For example, Christopher Meloni’s character from NBC’s Law and order SVU, a certain Detective Elliot Stabler, Mandy Patinkin’s senior FBI agent Jason Gideon from CBS’ Criminal Minds, and Taraji P. Henson who played NYPD detective Joss Carter in CBS’ Person of Interest. It comes as a point of interest that two of these actors left the show under duress (with the in-show explanation being that they had quit their jobs and had ‘retired’), with only Henson leaving out of interest in another project, the award winning Empires. With regards to the shows they partook in, Law & Order is looking forward to starting season 18 later on in 2016, Criminal Minds is currently in the middle of season 11 and Person of Interest will be returning for its final season some time in May.

This list would not be complete without mentioning Las Vegas night shift crime-scene investigator Gil Grissom played by William Petersen on and attorney Will Gardner played by Josh Charles in CBS’ CSI and The Good Wife respectively. While Gardner’s character is shot in court, an opportunity that allowed him to leave the show according to his wishes, Petersen’s character is one of the only to retire gracefully both on the show and in real life after being burnt out in both instances. However, he reappears in the CSI movie finale.

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who-should-replace-michael-strahan-on-kelly-and-michael-lead-600x300ABC recently announced that the show Live with Kelly and Michael may need to find a new title and a new co-host after Michael Strahan has stated his full-time transfer to another show on the network Good Morning America as early as this fall. The internet, which was initially taken aback by the surprise announcement, is abuzz with rumours and speculations for a new co-host as Kelly Ripa, the other half of the duo will be returning soon after a short break. The reason for Ripa’s absence was duly by morning TV viewers who were treated to reruns and stand-ins during the few days she was away, allegedly from the shock of Strahan leaving the show.

The names famous people are being flung back forth across social networks with arguments breaking out every so often on who should co-chair the show and even what format the selection process should be in as the network has announced that the selection for Strahan’s replacement will be aired live some time in September. Some suggest that the tryouts should be in the Bachelorette style, while others are firmly against any sort on on-air debate format, as it seemed to resemble the mess that was this year’s presidential debate too closely.

3170655651_1_11_Um1Nor2uThe names of potential candidates range from actors from the silver screen, TV and sports persona to presidential candidates and people pretending to be presidential candidates. Names like Ryan Seacrest, Joel McHale and David Lettermen, the latter who only recently retired from hosting his own show, have all become top contenders with their freer schedules. Neil Patrick Harrison is another crowd favorite, followed by the already experienced Anderson Cooper and Ripa’s own husband Mark Consuelos. Some people are holding out for Mark Rubio, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, or even a Donald Trump imposter to steal the seat.

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95926963131_10154393282498132Despite rumours of lack of respect in the workplace and clandestine employment deals being made, when Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa walked back into the show hand-in-hand as co-hosts on Live with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday, there was no signs of the dark undertone that could have come with being blindsided a week earlier. Strahan’s announcement that he was leaving the show in order to co-anchor ABC’s Good Morning America had come as an unwelcome surprise and speculations flew when Ripa did not return to the set for a few days after the announcement. The network had used pre-taped session and the live show was filled in by Ana Gasteyer, Erin Andrews and Shay Mitchell.


It was a positive lovefest though when Ripa told Strahan in front of her studio audience how proud she was of his accomplishments and what they’d accomplished together. She added that she had taken a couple of days to relax and celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband and she deserved that after working for 26 years with Disney ABC Television Group. Strahan responded in kind stating that he was glad to be back and to have her back and that to him, she was the queen of daytime television.

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