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In all of my years as a SEO, perhaps one of the most popular questions I consistently receive from clients, and one of the most important SEO tips for blog posts and title length is “How long should my title and blog post be for it to rank well?” While nobody can possibly define exactly what these lengths should be, there are some general best practices when considering how to title your blog post and how long it should be. If there was an exact length, every blog you ever read would be the exact same length. How boring and predictable! SEO Company

Blog Title Length

Consistently blogging day in and day out is one of the best content marketing strategies you can have to attract new and engaged visitors to your website. However, nobody will ever click, nor will the find you if your title does not do a great job of capturing a searcher’s attention. In general, the ideal length of a blog title is around 6 words, or around 100 characters including spaces between words. Words such as “for”, “a”, “the”, “and” and so on are typically not counted when consider length by word count, but are counted when considering by character length, so use sparingly.

Your blog title length should be 6 words that people will use as part of their query when seeking information on the topic you have written about. The 6 words should be chosen carefully in such a way that they have good search volume, are in logical order based on the most favorable combination searchers may use when trying to location your information, and are relevant to the content you are discussing in your blog post. Additionally, it has been studied and confirmed, according to a post by KISSmetrics, that most people remember the first three words they read and the last three, so 6 is the ideal number to make sure they comprehend the entire title. seo

Blog Content Length

In addition to having a well-constructed blog title, another SEO tip for blog posts and title length is deciding how long your blog post should be. Writing great content that both searchers and search engines will view as valuable and unique is not an easy task. Most of us, me included, are not great writers by nature. We have to work at it just to keep up with the competition. If you work at it and still find that your content is less than ideal, consider hiring a professional copywriter to help you develop great content consistent. Writing blog content that ranks well is both an art form and a science. There are general two schools of thought when it comes to length that ranks well.The first school of thought is that your content should only be as long as it needs to be to be considered unique, covers your topic thoroughly and adds to the overall conversation online. Does this mean 50 words are enough? What about 5000? The answer is actually somewhere in between. I would advise at least 500 words.

The other school of thought is that the more content you provide, the more content the search engines have to index and possibly align you with when considering keyword combinations within your text. While this content development strategy may work for some, in general, writing for search engines first and your users second, is a sure fire way to content failure. The search engines are getting smarter about this tactic and it is advised to avoid it when it is not natural.seo

For the average blog post, my suggestion is somewhere between 400-500 words with a title around 55 characters or 6 major words. Stick to this recipe as one of the most important tips for blog posts

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p>You Home or Business Needs to Rely on Quality Dallas Plumbing

When it comes to Dallas plumbing, there are a number of instances when you need someone and you need them fast. If you own a home or a commercial business for instance, and you’ve learned that your plumbing is not up to code, you need someone who can assist you quickly, so that your business is not interrupted.

An inexperienced plumber is never a good choice. Someone who may not have many years in business or who just started a business is one thing. However, a plumber who has never repaired a leaky shower, or someone who can’t find the water main is something else completely. You want your new bathroom, or your existing one, to work as it should. Hiring someone who lacks experience with plumbing Dallas is simply going to add to your list of problems.

Consider what would happen for instance if the sink in your restaurant kitchen stopped working suddenly. Your staff couldn’t wash dishes. Now, imagine the health inspector walked into your kitchen and saw those piles of dirty dishes, and the sink not working. This could cause your business to be completely shut down. Businesses have to keep abreast of many laws and regulations in order to continue operating as they do. Unfortunately, not all of them always have a reliable plumber on speed dial.

If you own a business, knowing who to call for your plumbing in Dallas is essential. Whether you need to unclog a pipe, repair a leaky toilet, or you have an issue that could actually cause your business to be closed until it’s repaired, you need a reliable plumber that will come to your aid whenever those little issues get in the way of operating your business. Having a reliable plumbing company that you can count on is essential in keeping your business up to scale and operating.

For homeowners, a quality plumber is important as well. When it comes to improving or protecting your home, experience should always be your first choice. While cost is of course, an important factor to consider, you obviously don’t want to sacrifice quality for a few dollars in savings. Choosing a plumber who has experience could actually save you money, as you will have fewer problems down the road, such as having to redo the plumbing yourself or hire an experienced plumber to fix a problem caused by someone who simply doesn’t know what they’re doing. Experience should always be your first thought when it comes to having your bathroom plumbing installed or repaired.

If you’re struggling with a plumbing issue in your office which requires professional attention, then it makes the most sense to call a professional plumber. A professional plumber knows how to fix plumbing problems in the best way possible so you won’t need to deal with the problem again. By calling a top Dallas plumber you’ll enjoy top-quality service from an experienced plumber who knows how to get the job done right the first time.

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Finding a good Plumber ain’t easy

Looking for qualified plumbers is not as simple as a Google search, or checking the local yellow pages. Home-owners often make the mistake of hiring the first plumber that they find, or not researching the plumbers enough. It is not difficult to find a plumber that suites your needs and budget, but it does take a little work. This little extra effort can save you time, money, and frustration once you actually need their services. Our plumbers say that you should start your search by selecting only those plumbers that are licensed. Licensed plumbers have to go through standardized training and pass tests, in order to gain their license. This license is more than just a statement that the plumber knows the state standards, it is a way to make sure that they are working in the best interest of their customer. Licenses can be revoked by the government for people who do not follow proper safety guidelines, have complaints or convictions of fraudulent work, and other actions that may be considered unprofessional in nature. So licensing is more than simply understanding and passing a test. Being licensed is a way of proving consistent quality and professionalism.Local Plumber Contact us for more information.

Now that you have a list of licensed plumbers, Los Angeles plumbers say that it is time to make the list. Start finding out what the plumbing company specializes in. some plumbing repair companies specialize in residential plumbing, while others may only offer maintenance plans. Make sure that the plumbers that you select are the best suited to your needs. Often a company will provide more than one type of service. A company may offer residential repair and maintenance services, for example.San Jose plumbers advise that you always get recommendations and references. Almost any professional will have a list of people who they have done work for. If the company is unwilling to provide references, it may be because they are trying to hide something. Many companies know that references and referrals are the best form of advertising and are more than willing to share. You can also look for recommendations from friends, coworkers, family, and even from online review sites. These two sources of information can give you the opinions of those that have had work done by the plumbing repair company before.

Get estimates and price lists for the companies that you are investigating. Make sure that they explain any fees and minimum charges. Ask about any charges that are not understood. If they hesitate to answer or seem troubled by your questions, find another company that is willing to take the time to explain their pricing structure. Understanding how they come up with their pricing can help you determine who you would prefer to do business. If you are looking for a maintenance contract, you may want to see if they provide discounts for those people that have maintenance contracts.

Looking for plumbers to work with can seem to be a daunting task. Take your time and you will find a plumbing repair and installation service that is best suited to your needs and budget. Make sure that you take time to research to find the perfect plumbing repair specialist for your needs.

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