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In all of my years as a SEO, perhaps one of the most popular questions I consistently receive from clients, and one of the most important SEO tips for blog posts and title length is “How long should my title and blog post be for it to rank well?” While nobody can possibly define exactly what these lengths should be, there are some general best practices when considering how to title your blog post and how long it should be. If there was an exact length, every blog you ever read would be the exact same length. How boring and predictable! SEO Company

Blog Title Length

Consistently blogging day in and day out is one of the best content marketing strategies you can have to attract new and engaged visitors to your website. However, nobody will ever click, nor will the find you if your title does not do a great job of capturing a searcher’s attention. In general, the ideal length of a blog title is around 6 words, or around 100 characters including spaces between words. Words such as “for”, “a”, “the”, “and” and so on are typically not counted when consider length by word count, but are counted when considering by character length, so use sparingly.

Your blog title length should be 6 words that people will use as part of their query when seeking information on the topic you have written about. The 6 words should be chosen carefully in such a way that they have good search volume, are in logical order based on the most favorable combination searchers may use when trying to location your information, and are relevant to the content you are discussing in your blog post. Additionally, it has been studied and confirmed, according to a post by KISSmetrics, that most people remember the first three words they read and the last three, so 6 is the ideal number to make sure they comprehend the entire title. seo

Blog Content Length

In addition to having a well-constructed blog title, another SEO tip for blog posts and title length is deciding how long your blog post should be. Writing great content that both searchers and search engines will view as valuable and unique is not an easy task. Most of us, me included, are not great writers by nature. We have to work at it just to keep up with the competition. If you work at it and still find that your content is less than ideal, consider hiring a professional copywriter to help you develop great content consistent. Writing blog content that ranks well is both an art form and a science. There are general two schools of thought when it comes to length that ranks well.The first school of thought is that your content should only be as long as it needs to be to be considered unique, covers your topic thoroughly and adds to the overall conversation online. Does this mean 50 words are enough? What about 5000? The answer is actually somewhere in between. I would advise at least 500 words.

The other school of thought is that the more content you provide, the more content the search engines have to index and possibly align you with when considering keyword combinations within your text. While this content development strategy may work for some, in general, writing for search engines first and your users second, is a sure fire way to content failure. The search engines are getting smarter about this tactic and it is advised to avoid it when it is not natural.seo

For the average blog post, my suggestion is somewhere between 400-500 words with a title around 55 characters or 6 major words. Stick to this recipe as one of the most important tips for blog posts

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