Keeping your wits about you when you’ve just been involved in an accident with a semi-truck is not easy. You can quickly become distracted by the situation and may overlook important details needed to process your claim. Our experienced semi-truck accident attorneys have compiled the following guidelines and urge you to print a copy to keep in all your vehicles.

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Stop Immediately . Check to see if anyone has been injured.

Call The Police . Be sure to advise if there are any injuries so an ambulance can be dispatched. Also, let them know if any chemicals or other freight has been dumped on the thoroughfare. The police can then contact the appropriate agency to handle the spill.

Move Vehicles . If possible, move the vehicles involved out of traffic. Set flashers so that approaching traffic can see the accident and not cause further damage. If necessary, flag down other vehicles to help you redirect traffic until police arrive.
Talk to No One about the specifics of the accident except your attorney and physician. Do not admit fault, even if it is accurate, to anyone.

Accident Report. When the police arrive, insist that they complete an accident report including information on all parties involved. This should include name, address and phone number for the driver and owner of the semi-truck; insurance company, policy number, insurance agent, and their phone number for the driver and owner of the semi-truck. The accident report should also include contact information for any witnesses to the accident.

Take Photographs. If you happen to have a camera with you, take photographs of the accident scene, the vehicles and the people involved. You may even want to include license plate numbers, logos on the back and sides of the semi-truck, as well as street signs or highway markers to show the intersection or area where the accident occurred.

See A Doctor. Even if you feel fine, a physician should examine you as soon as possible. Injuries that occur internally may not be noticed right away unless a qualified medical professional has an opportunity to examine you and learn the details of the accident. 18 wheeler accident attornets

Call Your Insurance Company . As soon as possible, contact your insurance company with the details of the accident. Even if you think the other insurance company should pay for your damages, you need to make your insurance company aware of the situation. Again, do not admit fault. State the facts clearly and as accurately as possible.

Call Your Attorney. As soon as possible, contact your attorney and provide all the information regarding the accident. An experienced Texas semi-truck accident attorney such as those at our firm can advise you each step of the way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a semi-truck accident, please email or call us today to speak with an experienced Texas semi-truck accident attorney.

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